As a growing and independent Escort Company we have decided to assist everyone in the adult industry grow a high class and reliable clientele list so now, we are introducing private escort advertising.


We have a great team helping you get the most out of your experience with us. So why should you advertise with Red Velvet? because we are a close knit, professional and attentive organisation that allows the user to relax while our industry experts create an eye catching profile with your seductive photos, communicate with industry professionals to gain valuable knowledge and tips, introduce  yourself through a high class, easy-to-use website with incredibly high traffic, boasting over 265,000 visitors a day.   You can grab these clients for yourself and start living the high life in your new and exciting career!

To determine what type of subscription you need is as easy as picking how long you want your profile to be visible.

When you advertise with Red Velvet you can assure you will receive great quality advice and guidance 24/7 from our customer support team who have previous escorting experience or have worked in the industry for years, visibility all over Australia, a special we offer to everyone is randomly picked profiles once a week to be shown in our 'Premium room' page where clients can see a boutique amount of escorts this feature ensures your profile is seen 20x more then other profiles, and your contact information displayed in a highly visible area that can be easily accessed by clientele to conveniently communicate with you.

We are much more affordable then other websites that offer different packages, here you get everything  for the one amazing price.  Red Velvet understands time is money so we wont waste your time. Your profile will be visible within 24hours. Your clientele will be very lucrative and high paying, we know this from experience and from reviews from escorts that have worked with us before.


The best part about advertising on Red Velvet is the security and quality of service knowing your dealing with industry professionals.



ONE MONTH           $140




SIX MONTHS          $1000


ONE YEAR              $1800