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If you are new to the industry or an established escort and you are looking for a trusted company that offers you real results then we would love to offer you to join us here at the Red Velvet Agency.



With our combined 10+ years experience in the industry, we are always striving to maintain a high-class, professional experience for all of our clients and we believe our escorts deserve the same.



We value the work you provide and offer the following as compensation: A substantial pay, ongoing support, and assistance, a large networking environment for a bigger clientele base, and the opportunity to work in 5-star facilities while dealing with 5-star clients.



The Red Velvet Agency was created with one thing in mind. To build wealth and we won't lie when we say we want to make money, but us making money means you making money and that is what we do. We make you money, and lots of it - IF you are willing to be part of the team and work hard. We take good care of our girls and we provide them with everything they need to succeed. whatever your life situation is, we want you to feel comfortable coming to us.



We understand at times, work can be overwhelming. That is why here at Red Velvet we want to ensure our escorts have a fun and relaxing experience. You can choose your own working hours, your clients, your services, all while making great money. You can meet some amazing people and you have the opportunity to learn and, gain a lot of knowledge while networking.



We are the largest and #1 Escort agency on the South Coast. We also work with girls from Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Newcastle, and the Southern Highlands. We know that you will enjoy being part of a secure, discreet and professional team.




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As we are a boutique agency on the south coast, NSW - we only offer physical working positions in the Sydney/South Coast region, because of this we have devised a plan to assist everyone in the industry looking for that extra helping hand navigating the deep waters that is - the adult industry. We understand the hassles and fallbacks that come with trying to find a reputable and secure website to advertise on, because of this we will soon be offering private advertisement.

To make it easy for our fellow hard-working ladies and men in the industry we offer you the chance to showcase your work on our website to attract quality clientele. Registration and verification are easy