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- Rest assured, your information, details, and privacy will always remain confidential when dealing with Red Velvet, we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior towards our client's safety and privacy. Any suspicious activity will be dealt with by the proper authorities.


- If for any reason one of the girls feel that you have violated their safety you will be banned from using our services for life.






- When booking please refer to our booking guidelines and understand that we have a two-strike policy. This means that if you fail to show up and cancel more then twice in the same month to an appointment, you will be banned from booking and using our services for three months.

- When using our website you understand and comply with our rules and guidelines.

Booking Guidelines :

- Bookings can be made via phone, email and through the website.

- Booking prices are non-negotiable.

- Times are subject to availability.

- Please do not ask for additional photos of the girl.

- All photos are genuine.

- Please understand you do not communicate with the girls directly until you meet them.

- Deposits through the website are needed to hold your place in case of a cancellation.

- Cancellation list is available, please contact us via TEXT to ensure your spot is secured.

- Please read the escort you wish to visit's profile page fully before booking.

- Please arrive promptly as being late will result in your time cut short (Full payment will still be required upon meeting)

- We must be notified via text at least one hour before for a cancellation. Please include name/date/time.

- Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an automatic ban.

Our guidelines are put in place to get rid of any confusion between all parties involved and to create a clear stream of communication between client and escort.








- No natural sex.

- Clients must shower on arrival.

- A condom must be worn

- Please refrain from asking for 'extras' from the girls that are not stated during initial communication.

- You can be turned away at any time by the escort if deemed unfit. Proof of health may be needed before using services again.

- Please do not try to contact escorts outside of appointments, as to uphold their health and safety.






We encourage our clients to treat our ladies with respect. They are hard working and fabulous woman from all around Australia who are here to satisfy your every need and give you all you want in a sexy, amazing woman. 


Gifts for the girls are more than welcomed; we can be contacted about preferences for the girls and we can act as a push in the right direction.



And last but not least, relax and have fun knowing you're in safe hands with the Red Velvet Agency. 


Our promise to you is complete authenticity and transparency. You will love knowing that when you work with us discretion and trust is our core values. we take care of our own and provide not only our clients the best of the best, but our girls with the best.



We strive to provide the best service and only offer quality within the Wollongong/South Coast region.



Take a sneak peek at our girls and find your perfect match here at the Red Velvet Agency. Otherwise, if you are struggling to pick,  just pop in your details on our 'contact us' page, let us play cupid and, set you up on the perfect blind date...